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Code of Ethics in an Engineering Society: Paper Sample

The concepts of ethics and morality may seem obvious and trivial. We all know that stealing is a bad thing and helping others is a good thing. However, different nations, communities, and even families may have different beliefs. The environment you live in has a huge influence on the formation of your own moral compass:

“You don’t teach morals and ethics and empathy and kindness in the schools. You teach that at home, and children learn by example.”

– Judy Sheindlin

That is why big and small companies have to come up with a code of ethics. Doing so, they help their employees to see if the company’s values match those of an individual. Writing a paper on this topic is challenging but not impossible.

This type of paper requires not only great writing skills but also a profound research. As a rule, you will be asked to make a comparison of several engineering societies or IT companies in terms of the codes of ethics they have. Obviously, the ethics code statements play an essential role in the way people form the image of a company. When a person is looking for a job, it is advisable to read the codes of conduct different companies have to decide whether they comply with the inner moral compass of that person.

The key to coping with this assignment is to pay close attention and look for the differences the codes have. You can skip the basic points every document will have like information disclosure, conflict of interests, bribes, etc. These are the fundamentally intuitive points that are present just to check the box. Your goal is to find the points that stand out and are original. Those will be the unique guiding lights you need to make your paper informative and convincing.

Code of Ethics in an Engineering Society


Here’s a sample (its extract) for you to understand what your paper can look like:

Potter Stewart once said: “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” Small and big ethical decisions are an essential part of the everyday life. Sometimes an inner moral compass helps people make those decisions, and sometimes they rely on the rules the society has established. Due to the fact that different people have different values and moral beliefs, companies create ethical codes to guide their employees in the right and common direction. Especially it applies to the reality of the technical area where an engineering society needs to have specific guidelines to control the work-flow. Although companies may focus on different virtues – trust, goodness, fairness – these codes have many similarities as all of them have related goals. However, there are also noticeable differences as every company has a unique positioning and environment. These differences are the clear statement of where a company may stand and what values have.

When we have a technical area as a topic for discussion, it is obvious that Google is the first company that comes to mind. The code of conduct of this company focuses on the good and evil sides of every person. The main idea is that it is necessary to communicate all the imperfections of the inner system an employee notices: “And remember… don’t be evil, and if you see something that you think isn’t right – speak up!”. There is no point in keeping the information to yourself and feed the negative emotions with the growing feeling of discomfort. If there is an honest and open environment where everyone can discuss the things that look wrong, there will be no place for scandals and anger.

Apart from the long list of rigid legal, ethical and moral norms, one can find in this code of conduct, there is also one interesting point that shows the company’s humane attitude. Google is not afraid to pick a side in the everlasting battle between those who love dogs and those who can’t live without cats. They declare that Google is a dog company. It means that if job applicants are dog persons, they will most probably find many like-minded colleagues. Even though it is a small detail in the long and boring document, it definitely makes difference. The team of Google created a code of ethics that speaks a simple and friendly language.

IBM, on the contrary, has a code of ethics that speaks a cold and distant language of the legislative system. It has more than thirty pages and describes the behavior of an ideal employee in every detail. The concept of an employee being a part of a huge system serves as the main emphasis. It means that no matter where employees can go and what they can do, they should always remember that they are a part of IBM and should act correspondingly: “When you speak out on public issues or in a public forum, you do so as an individual, and you should not give the appearance of speaking or acting on IBM’s behalf. This is particularly important with the rise of social networking media. You must always be aware that such services are increasingly being monitored by clients, colleagues and regulators alike.” It is understandable, that the company is looking for someone ready to follow the rigid rules.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in Mind: Code of Ethics

There are some tips for writing this paper that can help you cope with it faster and better. Our writers have managed to create hundreds of papers alike and are glad to share their wisdom with you.

Mind the topic

Just as any other writing assignment, this paper requires you to focus on the main topic. It means that you have to pay attention to both similarities and differences of the ethics codes while reading them. If you forget about one part of the topic and focus on a single idea, there will be no necessary attributes of an A-level paper. To simplify this task, make a table with the list of companies and compare their codes.

Go an extra mile

If you can’t find the necessary piece of information to make your paper look complete, you can make an extra effort and contact the company you experience difficulties with directly. Call them or write an email to get the answers to your questions. As a rule, the companies are glad to share their values with prospective customers.

Make a conclusion

Students often miss this part. After you’ve compared the codes in the body paragraphs, it seems that there is no sense in emphasizing their comparison once again. However, a reader is waiting for you to make a conclusion after presenting tons of information. Naturally, it has to correlate with the thesis statement. that is why it is advisable to write it after you’ve done the research and know the details.

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